SCANDALE, is a libre software which is providing a backend architecture for collecting data from probes and storing proof of checks (cryptographic timestamping).

The platform is composed of:

  • a documented HTTP API with a PubSub mechansim and a connection to a database;

  • a backend to deploy and monitor a network of probes. The architecture is relying on the Smart Python Agent Development Environment;

  • a service to timestamp the collected data with a third party (RFC 3161) for the proof of checks.

It is possible to extend the platform in order to share data with external system, such as MISP.


  • following a notification, an SME ask its provider to patch a system. The provider says the system is patched at a given date, but lies. The SME can then check the certified scan logs to break its contract with the provider;

  • certification of incident timeline.


SCANDALE is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License version 3.